Miss Madyy Jaine

Miss Madyy Jaine, a beautiful young lady with attitude and a perfect smile.

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Chorus Dancers rarely get the acknowledgement they deserve, they put in the hard hours and while they may love the work, they are often nameless… Like these two – full of energy and I’ve seen them perform at least three times, yet I don’t know their names…


Cowgirl – Rita Worth

I recently photographed Rita Worth. She is a local model, just returning and updating her portfolio. Rita is an Alt model, she has a wonderful personality and a unique look. I thought it would be very interesting to cast her in the role of a cowgirl, and she was keen. Now the cowgirl picture is pretty much done to death, but in this case I thought it would be cool to showcase Rita in a fairly non-typical (for her) situation, and I think she pulled it off spectacularly well.

pictures follow…

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